CFSA 2019‐2020 Season Tuition and Fees Schedule


Monthly Club Pass (8 hours) $80

Drop In 1‐Hour Pass Club $17

Drop In 1‐Hour Pass Non‐Club $20


Returned Check Fee ‐ $30

Late Tuition Fee ‐ $25

If tuition is not received by the 1st of the month via ACH, and /or client’s credit card on file is unable to be charged

for any reason, a $25 late fee will be charged in addition to the monthly tuition.


Learn to Skate USA $35

Basic CFSA Club Membership $35

Intro CFSA Club & USFS Membership $90

Intro CFSA Club & USFS Membership Add’l Family Member $65

Full CFSA Club & USFS Membership $130

Full CFSA Club & USFS Membership Add’l Family Member $100

4 Year Collegiate Membership (Skating) $140 (one‐time fee)

Board Member (Non‐Skating) $65

*Memberships expire on July 1st of each year.

**CFSA Club and USFS Membership renewals will be invoiced each year on May 15th with a payment due date of June

25th. A $15 late fee will be applied to membership renewals received after June 25th.

***Safe Sport and USFS Background checks must be completed by June 25th each year for all Board Officers and Chair



Discounts cannot be combined, only 1 discount may be applied per family. CFSA reserves the right to request valid

identification for certain discounts.

Sibling Discount ‐ $10 off each additional sibling after first full rate child.

Active Duty Military Discount ‐ $10 off flat rate for first full rate child. $5 off each additional sibling.

Bi‐Annual and Annual Tuition paid in full upon sign up ‐ 5% discount off full Package Rate.

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